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Please add your company informations, your logo and the robot applications you can provide. The informations needs to be complete such as tel. number, emails and website and after submitted they will be verified. If you dont like to be in the list please email us.

  • EFFECI S.N.C. di Costa & c.

    Torino Piemonte

    We are robotic integration specialist, Effeci can help you realize the benefits that industrial robots can bring to your manufacturing operation. ...see more

  • Kallesoe Machinery A/S

    Bredgade 115, Lem lem

    Kallesoe Machinery has extensive experience developing mechanical accessory equipment for robots. From gripping tools and vacuum heads to palletizing systems and magazine tables. Thanks to our partnership agreement with KUKA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of robots, we are able to offer state-of-the-art solutions that combine KUKA robot expertise with Kallesoe industry know-how. ...see more

  • KAS Com. Peças Técnicas e Manut. Ind. Ltda

    Beata Neves beata neves

    A KAS Engenharia fornece soluções com alto padrão de tecnologia e eficiência para a automação industrial robotizada de sua linha de produção. São robôs de solda, de carga e descarga, manuseio de peças e muitos outros produtos. ...see more

  • KehraTec GmbH

    Hammerstraße 1a, 58791 Werdohl Werdohl

    4, 5 or 6 axis systems in different areas of machinery produced by different manufacturers: This is one of our strengths in your process optimisation plan - whether in a clean room environment, in forging work with component temperatures up to 1200 ° C / at ambient temperatures of 0 ° C, grinding and deburring components with different geometries, welding applications or just in standard industrial environments. Try us and be inspired by our pr ...see more

  • Kensal Handling Systems Ltd.

    Luton LUTON

    Kensal Handling Systems specialise in "integrating" all of the critical elements required to complete the automation of the Palletising process, combined with our renowned expertise in conveying systems our experienced project management team have the know how, especially in the food & drinks/beverages market. ...see more

  • Kibele PIMS End. Bilisim ve Otomasyon A.S.

    Izmir izmir

    We level your quality and eficiency in production to the top by our quality-control systems which include in-house built, developed softwares and constructed devices with cutting edge machine vision and automation technology on 3D vision; quick, precise; surface scan and form inspection. ...see more

  • KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH

    Dernbach Dernbach

    Automotive suppliers - Food and beverages - Textiles, clothing - Wood, furniture - Printing, paper - Rubber, plastics - Chemicals, pharmaceuticals - Ceramics, mineral products - Foundry - Metal products - Agriculture - Construction - Other industries ...see more

  • KÖHL Maschinenbau AG

    Wecker Luxembourg

    KÖHL offers complete solutions for a wide range of tasks in industrial automation, from design through implementation to comprehensive service. With our experience and knowhow, especially in emission-prone branches of industry, we can produce product and process specific applications strategies for a broad range of industries. ...see more

  • Linkx Systems Limited

    Anson Way Suffolk

    Linkx used packaging machinery have been carefully serviced, and replacement parts added, to ensure the machines are up to the same high standard as they were when they originally left the factory. ...see more

  • Loop Technology Ltd

    Marabout Industrial Estate Dorset

    At Loop Technology we provide a full range of development and integration solutions for automated processes involving Motion Control, Machine Vision and Robotics systems. ...see more

  • Machinability Robotics, LTD.

    Oakville Oakville

    With experience in Motoman, and Kuka programming, we can get you off on the right foot by assessing your current programs, or setting up new programs in an efficient manner. As integrators, we can also provide training at your facility. ...see more

  • Magor Designs Ltd

    Resolven Resolven

    Magor installations benefit from a full engineering call out, support and service capability operated by KUKA directly. You can be assured that an installation from Magor is robustly supported, at a level to meet your requirements, directly by the manufacturer’s team for many years to come. ...see more

  • MAKA Systems GmbH

    Nersingen Nersingen

    Following the motto 'everything from one source' a team of around 25 employees offer an excellent customer service. Our qualified hotline team are at your disposal world-wide. Spare part orders received until 4 p.m. and orders designated as „urgent“ leave our works the same day. ...see more

  • Maschinenbau Böhmer

    Steinebach Steinebach

    Seit Jahren entwickelt die Maschinenbau Böhmer GmbH spezielle Lösungen zur Optimierung des Druckgussprozess. Damit hier dem Kunden höchste Leistung geboten werden kann, entstehen ständig neue Produkte. ...see more

  • Matador Industries, a.s.

    Slovak Republic Slovak Republic

    Trends in the automotive industry are constantly changing. At the Industrial automation division, we embrace these changes and we challenge ourselves to offer best in class solutions to every project. Thanks to our extensive know - how and technological capabilities as well as our broad range of competencies, we are ready to transform your ideas into personalized solutions. ...see more


    Akouda Sousse tunisia

    Plant visit to analyze the need. • Technical pre-study of feasibility (free). • Technical and commercial offer. • Rectification of the offer if necessary before launching the project. • Final Design and manufacture of parts. • On-site installation and cell programming. • Reception and personalized training and a plan for maintenance of the cell. • Followed by the robot cell after installing. ...see more

  • Welmax AS

    Hegdalbakken Hegdalbakken

    MIG/MAG is a process where a consumable solid wire is fed through a conduit and a torch up to the welding arc, where it melts and is transferred as droplets to form the weld metal. The arc and the molten pool are protected by a shielding gas, usually argon, CO2 or a mixture of these. Choice of gas depends upon the material to be welded. ...see more

  • ZS Automation

    Oberhausen Kreut

    Robustly, fast, adaptably and absolutely exactly – these qualities make automation solutions of ZS Automation GmbH & Co. KG compact high performance machines for the industrial manufacturing. They are suited to the easy pieceworking while loading and unloaded of processing machines just as for the assembly and integration of complicated technical processes. ...see more

  • Xigent Automation Systems, Inc.

    Lewis Center oh

    Xigent employs a project management based organization that provides our customers with a highly technical, single point contact who has the responsibility AND authority to ensure that projects are delivered on time and with the highest quality. Xigent project managers have more than fifty years of project management experience with assembly and test automation. ...see more

  • Melton Machine and Control Company

    Washington MO

    Products Fixture Design & Build Robotic Systems Custom Designed Pre-Engineered Programming & Integration Rotary Welding Machines Vertical Inclined Horizontal Linear Welding Machines Manual Welding Fixtures Material Handling Leak Test Systems ...see more


    Terrebonne Quebec

    Foundry Robots - Palletizer Robots - Pick and place" Cell - Robots on rails - Robots mounted on wall of ceiling - Robots for freezer rooms ...see more

  • Mekem Makina

    Kayseri Kayseri

    Mekem Makina Co.In February 2007, we took step to the automation sector by the condition getting touch with Kuka.We have started our activities, to present robot technology reaching industrial ce. ...see more

  • Horan Automation & Consulting

    Guangzhou County Tipperary,

    Horan Automation is a designer, builder and integrator of robotic systems using Kuka or Fanuc robots. The company can build customised robotic or automated systems and integrate them into existing lines. All machines are CE marked to EU standards ...see more


    Guangzhou TANGSHAN

    TANGSHAN ZHENLI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2013, we have more than 70 employee in current stage, employee with master degree above 20% and bachelor degree above 60%. Company mainly engaged in laser vision system R&D. Our laser seam tracking system mainly consist of laser sensor and control host, laser sensor is used for welding seam active acquisition, control host is used for welding seam real-time processing meanwhile keep real-time ...see more


    Guangzhou CHINA

    TANGSHAN ZHENLI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established in 2013, we have more than 70 employee in current stage, employee with master degree above 20% and bachelor degree above 60%. Company mainly engaged in laser vision system R&D. Our laser seam tracking system mainly consist of laser sensor and control host, laser sensor is used for welding seam active acquisition, control host is used for welding seam real-time processing meanwhile keep real-time ...see more

  • Robotic hitech solutions

    Tallinn Tallinn

    Robotic Hi-Tech Solutions is a leading company that specializes in robotic machining. Our milling robots can be used for applications involving various materials. We use ultra precise devices currently available on the market to guarantee the best results. Our service will meet any challenge to convert your ideas into reality. Whether it’s designing, integrating or building machines for production, we will solve your production needs, helping w ...see more